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Steve Hanna

Steve started his professional music career in 1976 in Spokane, Washington. It was there he would see future Magic Bus bandmate Joe Shikany perform in such legendary Northwest rock acts as Big Horn, the Allies and Shyanne. Later, Steve graduated Magna Cum Laude from Eastern Washington University, majoring in Journalism and Music/Audio Recording. After college, he toured the western US and Canada with current Magic Bus bass player, Lynn Sorensen, in some full-time cover bands named Dogface and Raven.

Steve moved to Seattle in 1985 and soon opened Sea-Trax recording studio. In the early 90s, he played in an original project called Wild Prodigy, which included Sorensen on violin, original Magic Bus drummer Jeff Mills, and current Everclear bassist Sam Hudson. Steve met current Magic Bus drummer Jeff Kathan while engineering and producing a Sea-Trax recording studio session. Though the studio eventually sold, Steve expanded his business (Sea-Trax Sound Productions) to include sound and light system installations, many of which have existed or still exist in Seattle-area clubs.

Magic Bus was formed in 1992, and except for a 10-week European vacation in 1998, Steve has stayed on the Bus for the past 17 years. In the late 90s, Steve co-wrote and co-produced “Welcome to the Show” along with Sorensen. The song was released on Capital Records and led to several years of playing at a number of unique gigs around the US for Major League Baseball. These days Steve is busy running his business and raising two young daughters, and he is the only band member to play in just one band-Magic Bus.

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